Our strategy

Our strategy consists of three key elements: strengthening the core business, investing in future technologies and entering new markets

In the area of traditional lamps such as compact fluorescent lamps and halogen lamps, our focus is on maintaining and expanding our current market share by maximizing customer proximity and cost efficiency. The same applies to the field of LED lamps, where we intend to increase our market share in “intelligent” LED lamps. We want to achieve this by improving the competitiveness of our entire portfolio, optimizing processes and taking a differentiated approach to our distribution channels.

LED luminaires

LED technology is also becoming the new standard in the field of luminaires, with growing technology convergence. Here we want to be one of the main global suppliers for both professional and private customers, with attractive pricing and fast, responsive service.

Smart Home

In the field of smart and connected products, LEDVANCE will build on the OSRAM LIGHTIFY platform to offer new product lines, also bringing smart lighting devices and smart home products to market.

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