Evolution of the energy-saving lamp at OSRAM


Application:  General lighting
Technology:  Compact fluorescent lamps
Target Group:  Consumer,  Electrician,  General public,  Installer,  Retail,  Trade

More compact, efficient and individual: In contrast to the incandescent lamp that remained almost unchanged for more than 100 years, the energy-saving lamp has seen rapid development in a period of just 30 years.

The lighting season of 1985 marked the start of a stunning new development in the lighting market: With the OSRAM DULUX EL, OSRAM introduced the first energy-saving lamp with integrated electric ballast into households. Since then, the rate of technological development has been breathtaking: The first lamps were long, sluggish and only emitted cool white light, but they consistently became more compact and efficient. Today, customer can even purchase lamps emitting warm-white light precisely according to desires. In fact this is why energy-saving lamps are frequently used to replace incandescent bulbs that have now been banned in many countries.