Amazon Echo Ledvance

Amazon Echo relies on LEDVANCE with OSRAM LIGHTIFY


Amazon Echo launched in Germany on October 26, 2016. The solution’s virtual assistant, Alexa, can now be used to control smart LIGHTIFY bulbs from OSRAM.


PARATHOM PAR38 waterproof

LED reflector lamp PARATHOM advanced 38 DIM now waterproof


The LED reflector lamp PARATHOM advanced 38 DIM reached now the market as an outdoor version.


Led Lamps portfolio

LEDVANCE: shining a million lights on the future


LEDVANCE, a fully owned subsidiary of OSRAM, launched a project in June 2015 to convert a halogen production line to LEDs at its Eichstätt factory in Germany.


Led Lamps portfolio

Dimming LED lamps


Lamps that generate light with the aid of light emitting diodes (LEDs) are not al-ways compatible with dimmers. Whether an LED lamp is fundamentally dimmable or non-dimmable must be specified on the packaging. But dimmable versions may also cause problems, mostly in combination with already installed brightness con-trollers for traditional lamps.


LED reflector lamp

The “end” of high voltage reflector tungsten halogen lamps


Since September 2009, energy consumption-relevant light sources have been dis-appearing step-by-step from the market. This year it’s the turn of the high voltage reflector tungsten halogen lamps as best-known representatives.


Evolution of the energy-saving lamp at OSRAM

Evolution of the energy-saving lamp at OSRAM


More compact, efficient and individual: In contrast to the incandescent lamp that remained almost unchanged for more than 100 years, the energy-saving lamp has seen rapid development in a period of just 30 years.



POWERBALL HCI Excellence: effective product presentation with brilliant light


Especially in fashion stores the POWERBALL HCI Excellence shows its strengths – with brilliant light, high luminance and very good color Rendering. It clearly highlights textures and fine shades so that colors become even more vivid



LEDOTRON alliance dissolved - partners take a positive view


The marketing of the open industry digital dimming standard LEDOTRON can be traced back to EU incandescent lamp prohibition and the associated uncertainty of the compatibility of "conventional" dimmers with LED and energy-saving lamps. LEDOTRON was developed as a normalized and standardized dimming and control technology.


LED lighting in all RGB colors for Fraunhofer future hotel

Nobel Prize in Physics 2014 for the invention of the blue LED


The Nobel Prize in physics 2014 will be awarded for the invention of the blue LED. As a worldwide leading LED provider, OSRAM cordially congratulates the winners Isamu Akasaki, Hiroshi Amano und Shuji Nakamura for this award.


LED Superstar Classic A40

LED Superstar Classic A40 wins the Red Dot Award 2014


The LED Superstar Classic A40 by OSRAM has been distinguished with the prestigious 2014 Red Dot Award in the Product Design category. This LED lamp was developed to have a similar appearance and light spectrum to classic incandescent lamps.