LEDOTRON alliance dissolved - partners take a positive view


Application:  General lighting
Technology:  LED
Target Group:  General public

The marketing of the open industry digital dimming standard LEDOTRON can be traced back to EU incandescent lamp prohibition and the associated uncertainty of the compatibility of "conventional" dimmers with LED and energy-saving lamps. LEDOTRON was developed as a normalized and standardized dimming and control technology.

The requirement for continuation of the previous marketing of the alliance of LEDOTRON no longer applies

In the meantime, a wide range of other safe and innovative solutions of the alliance partners is available on the market which facilitate the dimming of modern lamps. This means that the requirement for continuation of the marketing of LEDOTRON by the alliance initially created for the purpose no longer applies, with immediate effect. Ongoing supply with LEDOTRON replacement parts will be carried out by the partners, in each case in accordance with the applicable legal and contractual controls.