LEDVANCE: shining a million lights on the future


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Technology:  LED Reflector lamps,  LED
Target Group:  General public,  Trade

Preempting the lighting industry’s shift away from traditional bulbs towards LED lighting solutions, LEDVANCE, a fully owned subsidiary of OSRAM, launched a project in June 2015 to convert a halogen production line to LEDs at its Eichstätt factory in Germany.

Building on decades of experience in bulb manufacturing, the 50 or so strong global team needed only 12 months to develop a competitive, profitable LED production line that is poised for success on the global stage. The successful execution of this project leaves the Eichstätt plant, which belongs to LEDVANCE since July 1 this year, in an even stronger position for the future.

To realize the new production facility, LEDVANCE invested in the Eichstätt plant and the global project team, which brought together colleagues from Augsburg, Eichstätt, Garching, Regensburg (all Germany) and Shenzhen (China). “We are very proud to have brought these production capabilities to Germany. Building on their specialist expertise, our team has developed a state-of-the-art, automated LED bulb production line that shakes up global competition in this area,” says project manager Steffen Strauss. Customers will benefit not only from the “Made in Germany” seal of quality, but also from rapid deliveries.

Video: LEDVANCE plant in Eichstätt: Great LED anniversary

Forty-four different MR16 and PAR16 LED reflector lamps are currently rolling off the new production line. These are ideal replacements, for instance, for various halogen reflector bulbs in the 20 to 80 watt range. Unlike earlier LED bulbs, the new models come in a similar size to their halogen alternatives. And thanks to the real glass housing, they can hardly be told apart from a halogen bulb, making them the perfect replacement. Plus they only consume a fraction of the energy required by similar halogen bulbs. The new bulbs can be dimmed and the professional model lasts up to 40,000 hours with a color rendering index (CRI/Ra) above 90.