LEDVANCE wins Exhibit Design Award 2016


Application:  Smart Home
Technology:  Smart lighting,  LED
Target Group:  Lighting Designer,  Architect,  Consumer,  General public

LEDVANCE won a Silver Award in EXHIBITOR Magazine’s 31st Annual Exhibit Design Awards competition in the Use of Storytelling category for its outstanding booth design at the consumer electronics fair IFA 2016 in Berlin. Mixing light and shadow, innovation and nostalgia, and smooth and textural finishes, the design proved that sometimes a split personality is doubly effective.

LEDVANCE positioned a 20-foot-long wall diagonally across the center of the 33-by-39-foot space in a move that Exhibit Design Awards judges called "perfectly suited to the design challenge." Towering roughly 20 feet tall, the structure served as the dissection point between light and dark, at the booth between contemporary LED displays and rustic Edition 1906 products.

The light part of the booth presented smart lighting products
Bathed in white and corporate-orange hues along with smooth laminate surfaces, the wall's "light" side offered shadow boxes housing products in use- or environment-related vignettes. A ground-level station provided controller switches attendees could use to adjust the lighting levels in each of the shadow boxes. Meanwhile, freestanding LED fixtures and circular eight-person seating ensembles sat atop raised, laminate flooring.

The Edition 1906 Vintage lamps booth area was presented in a dark environment
In sharp contrast, the Edition 1906 environment featured rich, dark-brown laminate along with highly textural wood, which adorned a central hospitality bar. Leather stools dotted the surrounding area, and the central wall featured a multitude of suspended product pendants that emitted a warm glow against the brickwork behind them.

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