POWERBALL HCI Excellence: effective product presentation with brilliant light


Application:  Retail,  Museums,  Salesrooms,  Foyers
Technology:  High intensity discharge lamps
Target Group:  Electrician,  Installer,  Architect,  Lighting Designer,  Shop owner

The new POWERBALL HCI Excellence: more luminosity for stronger colors

Especially in fashion stores the POWERBALL HCI Excellence shows its strengths – with brilliant light, high luminance and very good color Rendering. It clearly highlights textures and fine shades so that colors become even more vivid.

Effective product presentation with brilliant light

Coming to the presentation of goods, especially in fashion stores, the quality of light plays a key role for a successful sales record. Compared to the standard product family, the technologically advanced POWERBALL HCI Excellence impresses with its improved performance: up to 15 % higher efficiency, extended average lifetime of 20,000 hours and optimized color rendering.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Significantly higher performance compared to POWERBALL HCI
  • 33% longer lifespan compared to POWERBALL HCI
  • Lower maintenance costs: longer average lifetime of 20,000 hours
  • Higher efficiency: up to 116 lumen per watt – up to 15 % higher compared to standard product family
  • Brilliant and natural illumination: up to 8,500 lumen luminous flux and very good color rendering with CRI 90
  • Flexibility in use: operation with standardized electronic and magnetic control gear