Compact fluorescent lamps: Compact knowledge at a glance

OSRAM compact fluorescent lamps are characterized by their special technology, functionality and quality. Compact fluorescent lamps with screw bases are particularly attractive due to their range of shapes, energy efficiency and long life. Better known as energy saving lamp, with their service life of up to 20,000 hours, they are the perfect replacement for any standard incandescent lamp. Whether shaped as a candle, tube, spiral or in the classic bulb shape - OSRAM energy saving lamps can be used in a range of ways.

The special feature of these compact fluorescent lamps is the ballast integrated directly into the base. These lamps combine the simple installation of the incandescent lamp with the efficiency benefits of fluorescent lamps. They are available with E14 and E27 screw bases, B22d bayonet bases and GU10 plug bases. The intelligent OSRAM DULUX energy saving lamps also score through different versions: Dimmable with daylight sensor, facility or for 12 Volt DC operation.

Low pressure gas discharge in fluorescent lamps

OSRAM DULUX energy saving lamps work in the same way as fluorescent lamps, based on the principle of low pressure gas discharge. Tiny quantities of mercury are induced to emit short wave, ultraviolet light, which is converted into visible light in the fluorescent layer. The fluorescent mixture determines the light color.

Quick Light technology

The patented Quick Light technology from LEDVANCE puts a stop to long waiting times. The technology ensures a particularly quick startup time for selected DULUX energy saving lamps.

Sensor technology

Lamps which switch on automatically at dusk and switch off again in daylight - sensor technology in the OSRAM energy saving lamps means that this is no problem. The sensor lamps provide bright light at the right time.

Switching resistance

Whether in corridors or in a stairwell - compact fluorescent lamps with a particularly high switching resistance are perfect for use in private or professional applications. They can be switched an infinite number of times throughout their service life.

Light colors

OSRAM DULUX energy saving lamps are available in various light colors: Warm White, Cool White and Cool Daylight. Whether for cozy lighting in the living room or stimulating light in an office - LEDVANCE has the right color for any application.