Compact fluorescent lamps without integrated control gear by LEDVANCE, the lighting professional

OSRAM compact fluorescent lamps with plug base are characterized by the most modern technology and economy. They impress with high levels of efficiency, durability and the best light quality. Whether for professional, commercial or even private use – the OSRAM DULUX compact fluorescent lamps facilitate high-efficiency and convenient light solutions for the most varied of areas of application.

Professional knowledge

Durability, highest level of reliability, dimming capacity and the best light quality. DULUX compact fluorescent lamps are characterized by the highest levels of energy efficiency and versatile applicability. Here you can find out more about the operating principle and areas of application.

OSRAM compact fluorescent lamps

LEDVANCE offers compact fluorescent lamps with pin base for professional, commercial and private use. In focus: the DULUX lamps. The product catalog shows you all technical data and other important information.