OSRAM halogen lamps – brilliant light for a wide range of applications

OSRAM halogen lamps offer almost unlimited possibilities for lighting design. Amazing light quality, a long service life and high levels of efficiency - facts, which speak for their use in both professional and private applications. Whether spotlights in shop and studio lighting, strong uplighters in offices and hotels, and various applications at home: Modern halogen lamps meet the highest requirements.

Natural looking, brilliant warm white light, different wattages for applications directly connected to the mains or with a transformer, and countless designs – the wide-ranging OSRAM halogen lamps have been successful all over the world. As one of the leading manufacturers in the halogen lamp sector,LEDVANCE is geared towards constant innovation and the development of new technologies. This means that OSRAM halogen lamps are always state-of-the-art and stand out due to their excellent quality.

Professional knowledge

Exciting information about the different versions of halogen lamps. Background knowledge about LEDVANCE halogen technologies and much more. Discover more about the product range and the possible applications of halogen.

OSRAM halogen lamps from LEDVANCE: wide-ranging portfolio

From small spotlights to large uplighters. OSRAM halogen lamps are essential, in both your professional and private life. Take a look at the wide product range for yourself and look at the amazing technical benefits of OSRAM halogen lamps.