LED High Bay luminaires

High Bay LED luminaires. Appealing. Distinct. Functional.


Benefits for your projects

The LEDVANCE High Bay LED luminaires are suitable replacements for 250W/400W HQI High-Bay luminaires with an energy saving potential of up to 60% compared to the old lighting technology. They are produced in a compact and exclusive LEDVANCE design and are weight and size optimized.

The LED High Bays provide different luminous flux and a beam angle for mounting heights of 6 to 14 m. Accessories like a hook and a bracket are included, same with a cable of 1,500 mm length. The LED luminaires have an aluminum housing and a lens made from robust plastic (PC). They come with a five-year guarantee.

Benefit highlights

  • Replacement for traditional
  • high-bay luminaires
  • Energy savings of up to 60%
  • High luminous efficacy with up to 135 lm/W
  • Exclusive LEDVANCE design with optimized size and weight
  • Different luminous flux and beam angles for different mounting heights available
  • Accessories included

Recommended applications

  • General lighting for high ceilings
  • Warehouses, logistics centers
  • Industry

Savings in energy and costs over the entire lifetime*

ComparisonEnergy consumptionCosts
Traditional equivalent
e. g. 250W HQL, HQL 250W E40
e. g. HighBayLED 120W/4000K 100-240V IP65

* Savings calculated based on lifetime of LEDVANCE LED luminaires including purchase price, maintenance and installation costs as well as energy costs of 0.12 EUR/kWh. Calculation of CO2 savings based on European electricity mix and 400 g CO2/kWh. Payback period assumes 7 hours of operation per day and 260 days per year.