Performance class

For every occasion

Good light – as it should be. The LEDVANCE LED Strip Performance Class delivers precisely what your commercial customers expect of high-quality demand-led products. These lighting solutions are an excellent choice for open-plan offices, conference rooms, cafes and many, many other large and small applications in an extremely wide range of sectors.

The Performance Class is notable for its extremely broad portfolio. Four color temperatures from 2,700 K to 6,500 K and different luminous fluxes from 300 lm/m to 2,000 lm/m cover a wide variety of applications – from relaxing to energizing, from atmospheric to general. And the hard facts don’t lie. In terms of energy efficiency and durability, protection rating and reliability, color rendering and color consistency, the Performance Class easily meets the requirements of virtually every sector. And with a three-year guarantee these LED Strips are the perfect allrounders for your lighting business.

The performance class range at a glance

Allrounders in the professional league

You can’t go wrong with LEDVANCE LED Strips Performance Class. Because the products in this range combine high quality with demand-based performance. The wide choice of color temperatures and luminous fluxes covers a huge variety of applications. Different IP ratings are available to meet the vast majority of requirements. And of course they offer impressive efficiency and durability. The Performance Class is therefore the ideal choice for standard commercial applications from offices to hospitality, indoors and outdoors.

Ambient lighting

Cove lighting

General lighting