Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS)

Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) programs are mandatory in Australia and New Zealand

Up until October 2012 MEPS had been enforced by state government legislation and regulations in Australia and national regulations in New Zealand applicable to the relevant Australian or Australia/New Zealand Standards. As of the October 2012, the GEMS legislation commenced, creating a national framework for the Equipment Energy Efficiency Program (E3 Program) in Australia by replacing seven overlapping pieces of state legislation.

Commencing 1 November 2009, certain general purpose incandescent lamps (tungsten filament and tungsten halogen) will be required to comply with Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) that are set out in AS 4934.2 in Australia. Test procedures for Incandescent Lamps are set out in AS/NZS 4934.1.

Note: MEPS Requirements for Incandescent Lamps do not apply in New Zealand.

From 1 February 2009 there has been an import restriction for general lighting service (GLS) incandescent lamps implemented through Commonwealth Regulation.

Further information is available on the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service website

The intended timeline for certain lamps being subject to MEPS is as follows:

Lamp TypesSales Restriction From

* For ELV halogen reflector lamps, the average measured wattage shall be no more than 37W effective from 14 April 2012.
** Refer to Regulatory Ruling #43C”

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