Church lighting in Denzlingen

Denzlingen, Germany, Europe

Application area: Religious building, church lighting

Sub-application: Interior lighting, spotlights

Technology: PARATHOM PRO AR111, LED lamps

At a glance:

  • Energy consumption down over 80 percent
  • Flexible solution that incorporates spotlights and general lighting
  • Dimming function
  • Long-lasting, low-maintenance installation

The challenge: A modern, flexible solution that cuts energy consumption and maintenance effort

The Church of St. Jakobus in the German town of Denzlingen was consecrated in November 1976. The interior features a number of works of art, including sculptures and paintings by the German artists Helmut Lutz and Theodor Zeller. The lighting in the church, however, did not do the impressive interior justice, nor was it serving the needs of the congregation. The inflexible system provided uneven lighting throughout the building and could not be used to accentuate elements such as statue or the altar. There was no dimming function and the lights could not be adjusted to illuminate walls or corners. Church management was keen to find a more flexible solution that would also cut maintenance effort and energy consumption. Right from the start, they expressed interest in long-lasting, energy-saving LED lights.

The solution: Innovative, energy-efficient LED system

The church chose OSRAM PARATHOM PRO AR111 bulbs from LEDVANCE, impressed by their flexibility and energy-saving performance. New light fixtures were designed especially for this project, each one accommodating four PRO AR111 bulbs. This provides the church with the flexibility it needs for general illumination while also supporting selective highlighting. The lamps also guarantee a short payback period thanks to low energy consumption and maintenance costs.

The benefits: Creating the perfect atmosphere throughout the church

The new system has been very well received by the congregation. The lights can be used to highlight elements such as the church organ, religious statues and the altar while at the same time providing even lighting throughout the nave. They have also enabled the church to reduce energy consumption by over 80 percent. And thanks to the PARATHOM LED robust design and lifespans of up to 40,000 hours, the new system requires significantly less maintenance effort.