LED illumination for sports facilities – UNEATLANTICO, Santander

Santander, Spain, 2017

Project: Sports facilities of the „Universidad Europea del Atlàntico“, Santander, Spain

Vertical: Facility Management – educational institutions / sports facilities

Application: Illumination of sports facilities – indoor and outdoor areas

Technology: LED luminaires

Luminaire: LEDVANCE Floodlight 50W and 200W

Efficient and robust LED illumination for the sports facilities of UNEATLANTICO

Around 150 LED Floodlights 50W and 200W illuminate the new sports facilities of the Universidad Europea del Atlántico, Santander- three outdoor courts and an indoor sports center. The university saves up to 55% of energy compared to traditional luminaires with metal halide lamps.

The Challenge

The Universidad Europea del Atlántico (UNEATLANTICO) needed a modern and efficient lighting solution for its new sports facilities: three outdoor courts, two for paddle and one for beach volleyball, as well as an indoor sports center with an athletics track and a basketball court.

A very uniform lighting with low-glare was required for the illumination of the facilities: The new lighting solution had to ensure high visibility during sports. Further requirements were impact resistance and protection against the intrusion of water and dust, a criteria which is crucial for outdoor settings.

The Solution

The luminaires that met best the client’s needs were 200 W and 50 W LED Floodlights. With a beam angle of 100º, the luminaires distribute light very uniformly; the glare is reduced by an opal tempered safety glass. Furthermore, the luminaires with a luminous flux of up to 5.000 lm (50W) and 20.000 lm (200W) provide an elevated luminous efficacy of up to 100 lm / W and are suitable for operation at ambient temperatures ranging from -20ºC to +50ºC. What is more, the Floodlights are protected against the intrusion of water and dust (IP65) and are highly impact resistant (IK08).

Hence, the LED luminaires are well in line with the requirements of the sports facilities of the university.

Further Benefits

As a result of the lighting project, the university now boasts a lighting system which is efficient both in terms of saving energy and maintenance costs: Compared with traditional luminaires with 400W metal halide lamps, the academic institution saves up to 55% of energy with the 200W LED Floodlights. Furthermore, the maintenance costs are reduced due to the long lifetime of up to 50.000 h (L70 / B50) of the LED luminaires: It is up to four times longer than those of the conventional light sources (12.000h). The profitability calculation resulted in a payback of the investment in probably less than three years.

Furthermore, due to the lower energy consumption of the LED technology the CO2 emissions of the sports facilities will be reduced. The luminaires have TÜV SÜD certification and come with a manufacturer’s warranty of up to 5 years.

The Project

The project was carried out in conjunction with Hispanofil, a leading electrical equipment distributor in Spain, which entrusted LEDVANCE with conducting the corresponding lighting studies and financial analyses and providing technical support and commercial advice from the outset.

The close to 150 LED Floodlights were installed by Montajes Eléctricos Cagigas.

“With large-scale projects, being able to rely on a trusted manufacturer which has proven, high-quality products and is fully committed to the work at hand is essential, otherwise it’s impossible to make a success of it.”

Alberto Núñez, Hispanofil