LED tubes as an energy efficient T8 replacement for TENTE Rollen GmbH

Wermelskirchen, Germany, Europe, 2014

Application area: Industry

Sub-application: Factories

Technology: LED, LED tubes

Project summary

TENTE is Europe's largest manufacturer of casters and wheels for trolleys, hospital beds, furniture and industrial applications, with branches and offices across the globe. Innovative OSRAM LED technology ensures that things also run smoothly in terms of lighting in the production facility of the German subsidiary TENTE-ROLLEN GmbH in Wermelskirchen. 1,200 SubstiTUBE LED tubes instead of the previous T8 fluorescent lamps now provide annual energy savings of almost 50 %.

Project description

As a company building on innovation and future-viability, TENTE also wanted to set new standards in lighting. This included consistently upgrading the existing fluorescent lamp system in the main production plant in Wermelskirchen, Germany.

Project goals: energy efficiency, well-known manufacturer and funding technology

The new solution had to fulfill the following criteria: high energy efficiency, renowned manufacturer and a technology eligible for funding. In addition to high energy savings, long life was also particularly important for TENTE. Longer lighting maintenance cycles were expected to free up electricians for the enormously important maintenance of TENTE's own production machinery.

Success all down the line: efficient lighting solution with OSRAM LED tubes

The company opted for the latest generation of SubstiTUBE Advanced LED tubes from OSRAM. Modern LED technology offers the greatest potential when it comes to efficiency, long life, economy and quality of light, with OSRAM setting new standards with its innovative LED solutions time and time again. Other factors were the outstanding price/performance ratio, the unique OSRAM warranty, and very personal and friendly advice and service.

6500 kelvin instead of 4000 kelvin for greater well-being in the workplace

Most of the fluorescent tubes used in TENTE's production areas so far mainly had light color 840, only some of them light color 865. It was established, however, that employees felt fitter and more comfortable with a higher color temperature of 6,500 kelvin instead of 4000 kelvin. They also had the general impression that it was brighter. That's why the company opted for light color 865 for the new 1,200 OSRAM LED tubes.

SubstiTUBE Advanced as an outstanding alternative

SubstiTUBE Advanced tubes are the perfect alternative for conventional T8 fluorescent lamps in CCG luminaires. They are bright, robust and durable, provide very homogeneous illumination, and allow for simple, fast and safe lamp replacement with no rewiring. Lighting upgrades were always carried out in complete sections of the production areas, mainly during operation, so that downtime and production restrictions were kept to a minimum.

Payback period less than two years, energy savings of around 55,000 euros per year

The requested funding for switching to LED technology was granted. For 2-shift and 3-shift operations, the upgrade has already been completed. 1-shift operation is still to follow. So far, lighting alone accounted for approximately 20 % of TENTE's energy consumption, but the first few months have brought considerable savings already. The amortization period is around 1.6 years, and energy savings are around 55,000 euros per year.

Employees perceive LED light as pleasant

High-quality LED technologies such as OSRAM's have already caught up with and even overtaken conventional lighting technologies. This is evident not only from their energy efficiency, but also their quality of light. An employee survey showed that they even didn't know the new lamps were LED tubes. They couldn't tell the difference.

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