LEXUS chooses LEDVANCE luminaires. Priding itself on quality Dealer Service Centre’s

Providing service of the highest standards, Lexus Dealer Service Centres are always up-to-date with the latest advances in Lexus technology.

LEDVANCE is a company that prides itself on its lighting heritage with a strong background in engineering and R&D. Lexus is known for its state of the art cars and engine design, so when Lexus chose LEDVANCE to help with their lighting upgrade at Lexus of Parramatta Service Centre it was a natural fit with both companies having similar DNA in engineering and research and development.

Challenge: reduction of energy costs and improvement of light quality

Lexus of Parramatta Service Centre manager, Martin Lazanski, was very clear in his direction for the lighting energy efficiency upgrade. The project brief was to update the service centre lighting to the latest state of the art in LED technology, providing significant energy savings whilst maintaining or exceeding the lighting levels of the existing installation. This lighting upgrade was to be the benchmark for Lexus service centres nation-wide, so LEDVANCE needed to ensure that all standards defined by Lexus head office were also met.


The LEDVANCE project team undertook a lighting audit where it was observed that a lot of natural light was already being utilised in the form of skylights throughout the entire service centre. However, on days when it was overcast or rainy it was imperative that there was adequate artificial light for the service bays and work platforms.

The existing fittings in the service area were dated 400W mercury vapour high bay luminaires for general lighting. LEDVANCE proposed the 150W LED High Bays in 6500K daylight colour temperature, which blends well with the natural daylight entering through the skylights whist also ensuring the right light for enhanced concentration of service staff. These provide 65% energy savings over the 400W mercury vapour fittings.

The work bays and platforms utilised wall mounted 2x36W fluorescent battens. 40W LEDVANCE Damp Proof LED weather proof battens were selected in 6500K, matching the colour temperature of the high bays. These IP65 battens are fully sealed from the ingress of dust and water so the light source efficacy won’t be reduced over time. The LED battens provided 53% energy savings over the old fluorescent battens. 20W Damp Proof LED battens also replaced the 1x36W battens in the inspection areas.

In addition to these key areas, the lighting in the office/reception was updated to sleek modern surface mounted LED panels and a 150W LED Floodlight was used to illuminate the tyre centre which had inadequate lighting.

“I would like to thank Neil and the team at LEDVANCE on the great job they have done in upgrading our workshop lighting. We were a little sceptical on whether the promised improvements would actually come to fruition but WOW what a difference. All my staff have commented that they must have been working in the dark before, as the lighting improvement is so great. Also on top of the lighting improvement the LED lighting install will more than halve our workshops electricity bill. Once again thank you very much and we look forward to working with you on improving the lighting in other areas of our dealership”.

Martin Lazanski, Service Manager at Lexus of Paramatta