New LED hall lighting for the Phoenix Gymnastics Academy

Peterborough, Great Britain, 2017

Project: Gym of the Phoenix Gymnastics Academy

Vertical: Facility Management

Applications: Sports facilities, halls

Technology: LED luminaires

Luminaires: LEDVANCE High Bay

Bright prospects for the gymnasts of Peterborough

Lighting upgrade with LEDVANCE High Bay LED luminaires ensures 40% increase in light levels and 50% energy savings.

Key Facts

  • Very good energy balance: 50% energy savings and thus reduced costs
  • Improved light quality: 40% increase in light levels
  • Reliable luminaire quality: 5 year warranty, lifetime of 50000 hours (L70/B50), IK08 and IP65
  • Ease of maintenance: no more lamp replacement required

Challenge: reduction of energy costs and improvement of light quality

The lighting installation of the Phoenix Gymnastic Academy gym had become outdated over the years: 51 fluorescent strip lights illuminated the 6 metres high sports hall. With a total connected load of almost 4000W energy consumption was very high. Light levels were around 330 lux.

Solution: intelligent LED-technology

The contractor Lighting Electricians Limited and customer chose to replace the old fittings with 13 LEDVANCE High Bay LED, 200W, IP65 luminaires. The high luminous flux of 23,000 lumen / luminaire resulted in an increase of light levels to over 500 lux. At the same time, energy consumption was reduced significantly: By adding the latest microwave movement controls to the efficient luminaires, programmed to switch off after 12 minutes of inactivity, enabled an overall project saving of up to 50% on lighting energy costs.

“We were impressed by the LEDVANCE High Bay LED build quality, excellent light output ratio, and ease of fitting.”

Mike Hurford, Managing Director, Lighting Electricians Limited

Additional benefits

The cool daylight colour temperature of 6500K and the increase in brightness of the new lighting are perceived by the staff and gymnasts to have a positive effect on their energy levels and athletic performance. Furthermore, the 5 year guarantee provides the Gymnastics Club confidence in the quality of the new lighting system.

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The Phoenix Gymnastics Academy teaches novice to elite gymnasts from the age of 5 through to adults. The Gymnastics hall also hosts competitions and toddler soft play groups

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