Facility Management

Vertical Facility Management

LEDVANCE is the German market leader in this important vertical. Our key account customers include the Top 20 national and international companies in this industry. We have worked closely with these partners for decades and achieved many successes together.

This important position is being bolstered by the rapidly increasing remodeling needs of buildings and the construction of many new structures. Sustainable construction and green buildings are the focal points here. Lighting plays a major role in this regard and is particularly important in terms of energy-efficient and smart lighting systems.

The right light at the right place and the right time – individual, personal and professional

Innovative lighting solutions create a pleasant atmosphere in which employees and customers feel right at home. Light can help increase performance. At LEDVANCE, we offer customized lighting solutions, creating added value through the use of state-of-the-art technologies, optimum lighting solutions and additional energy savings. Our products meet all required DIN and VDE standards and offer further security through our comprehensive warranties.

The know-how that LEDVANCE has as one of the market leaders in lighting provides you with the ideal basis for professional support and perfect individual customer assistance. This focuses on your requirements and your customers' needs so that together we can offer optimum and economic lighting solutions for every application. Our top priority is to make efficient use of energy for your customers in industry, offices, athletic facilities, airports, and public and private buildings with the aim of saving energy and reducing operating costs.

Thanks to its short payback periods, the lighting area is particularly well suited to support the important energy-saving goal. In the future, lighting will take on even greater significance against the backdrop of continuously rising energy costs and regulations and laws (including European directives like the ErP Directive for manufacturers, the EPBD and the German Energy Conservation Act for planners). On average, lighting already accounts for 30 percent of today's energy costs.

One of our top priorities is to maintain current levels of quality of light. We will systematically advise you and your customers about all areas of buildings, including outdoor installations (outdoor path lighting systems, parking garages, streets, foyers, offices, stairwells, break rooms and conference rooms, etc.). The list goes on and on: Differing sector focus and architectural design place a variety of specific demands on modern, functional and economic lighting.

We have numerous facility management references in relation to lighting optimization and energy conservation. These include, for example, the successful conversion of car parks and underground parking lots for our longstanding partners.