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Light can fulfill a wide range of different functions and purposes in industry. The wealth of applications stretches from illuminating entire assembly halls to lighting smaller units to production preparation through to rooms for product tests and quality assurance. Light can enhance productivity while at the same time significantly reducing your energy costs.

When you can see better and more clearly, you can also concentrate more effectively, eliminate errors and ultimately be more efficient. At the same time, it is important not to lose sight of the operating costs despite any potential optimization of productivity. LEDVANCE offers various innovative lighting solutions in this field of conflict, which satisfy both requirements individually in order to improve quality, productivity and safety.

“Professional consultancy, attractive payback periods in conjunction with LEDVANCE product quality provide the decisive edge. That is simply impressive.”

Axel Klöckner - International Key Account Manager Industry EU

For me performance counts

We consider your environment and task assignment

It is also important in this respect to take account of environmental conditions such as dust, humidity, heat and vibrations. Likewise, we ensure uniform illumination and appropriate positioning of luminaires in order to avoid reflections on workpiece or machine surfaces and to prevent premature fatigue in employees.

Comprehensive portfolio for tailored solutions

Thanks to our extremely broad-based product portfolio, we can offer you a tailored solution to meet your requirements optimally. These are some of the issues and challenges we look at as part of our detailed and individual consultation:

  • Which light color is best suited for your purposes?
  • How meaningful are dimming and presence detection?
  • Replacing the luminaire or light source – which is better for you?
  • Energy and replacement cost reductions – where can you make savings?
  • Are new light sources compatible with your system?

The LEDVANCE advantages for industry

  • Consideration of your environment and task assignment
  • Good light can improve performance
  • Falling costs for power consumption

Individual, personal, thorough: lighting consultation assistance by LEDVANCE

As one of the world's leading light makers, we offer comprehensive knowledge about lighting technology. For nearly a century now, we have been using our expertise to offer a broad, up-to-date range of products. Our deep understanding of all lighting technologies and the multifaceted areas of application for them enables us to produce high-quality products and tailored solutions.

The products we offer you include:

  • Product presentations
  • A personal visit with a tour of your facility
  • Lighting consultation services
  • Cost-benefit analysis
  • High energy savings
  • Long-life solutions with LED

Use of our comprehensive knowledge for the good of your company: Make an appointment for a non-binding meeting with one of LEDVANCE's lighting experts in our offices.

Use OSRAM's LED lamps and our new LEDVANCE LED luminaires to significantly reduce your energy consumption. You can save even more money by reducing your maintenance cycles.

Industry lighting