Shop lighting

Sustainability is the leading issue in our business

Vertical Shop

In our daily business operations, we have to assume our environmental responsibility and use resources as efficiently as possible. Optimizing energy consumption is a top priority in lighting solutions for the retail industry.

No matter who may be involved – food discount stores, boutiques, furniture stores, DIY stores or garden centers – there is virtually nowhere else where the energy used in lighting can be saved so easily. Converting to environmentally friendly LED alternatives will have a positive effect on energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

Optimizing lighting has been a high priority ever since the reference levels in the German Energy Conservation Act were toughened in 2016 for primary energy needs and the related posting requirements of energy performance certification for sales floors starting at 250 square meters.

Light that generates emotions - professional lighting tools for your products

The lighting level can vary in different sections of sales and display areas. To produce good light quality, direct and indirect elements are systematically and creatively used.

The interplay of light and shadow has a stimulating and varied effect. Planned effects with spotlights and shadows increase the appeal even more. They highlight the design and impression of the products.

With LEDVANCE, you place your products in their very best light. With true-color general illumination, brilliant spotlights or efficient light management.