Lighting for retail shops

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Credibility and authenticity are core elements of successful brands. When it comes to clothing, shoes, sports goods and jewelry, in particular, realistic but also emotional staging is essential. This requires lighting solutions with very good color rendering. Inviting feel-good lighting in stores encourages your customers to stay longer.

Clearly defined colors, fashionable design and an impressive high-quality appearance – the esthetics of the products decides their acceptance. An appealing presentation is naturally important to achieve this in the fashion and beauty segments. It should reflect the daylight as closely as possible through excellent color rendering.

“Light can be used to design rooms and create a unique shopping experience that stimulates customers’ senses.”

André Schweinsberg - International Key Account Manager Shop EU

Light sells emotion

The concept sets the scene

It is really important to determine how the different areas of a store should be illuminated. This includes the facade, the entrance area, the shop window and the interior of the shop. It is essential to know where light is needed and for what purpose in the store: at sales points, over counters, at the check-out, in changing rooms, on mirrors, in relaxation areas, etc. The right light draws your customers’ attention and influences their buying patterns. Light emphasizes products and bathes them in appealing colors. It presents the shop and creates a pleasant atmosphere. Modern sales-focused lighting presents products to their best advantage.

Optimizing costs

Light is a critical cost factor in terms of power consumption owing to continuous operation, permanent night lighting as well as intensive lighting during the day. A flexible combination of planar ceiling lighting and individual spots creates a pleasant sales atmosphere, while the right mix also optimizes your power consumption. LEDVANCE can play an important role here with its efficient light management systems. Energy costs can thus be reduced and energy guidelines followed.

The LEDVANCE advantages for shop lighting

  • Many years’ experience and excellent consultancy know-how
  • Forward-looking and extensive product portfolio for maximum efficiency
  • Intelligent light management systems with LED technology